Sindee Jennings Yoga Gets A Little Wet
Mikey Butders dabbles in a bit of everything when it comes to staying in shape. So when Sindee Jenning let me know she wanted to start doing some one on one yoga sessions I was all for it. We met at the park and did some basic stuff there. She had a really nice body so it seemed weird when she told me she was shy at the gym. She wanted to go hang out after and I was down. We stopped by my place for a second. I went to check something out in the other room and when I came back she was naked on my couch with her legs spread and playing with her pussy. Now I'm not dumb and I figured it all out. She wanted some cock in her and I was the guy to give it to her. She got THE REAL WORKOUT and loved every second. All the games weren't even necessary. All she had to do was ask!

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