I'd like to start off this episode with a lyric from one of my favorite songs . Its quite deep and always makes me think that the world is ok… “ Big booty hoes hop wit it !” from my home town boys The 2 Live Crew . Jason the crazy terminator proto type takes on another mission. Here he tries to convince Naomi that's he's the talent director for a Spanish Variety show with all the crazy hotties in thongs and signing and shit. Does he look like he would be? Nope, but my boy can talk his way into almost any pussy and he didn't disappoint. She swallowed the whole thing, hook, line, and sinker. (The story and cock) Naomi's round ass was slapped and penetrated like, well… a slap and penetration fest. Yup that bad! I almost felt bad for the punishment her ass was getting but I got hypnotized by the gyrations given off by her ass.
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