Yo...Crazy Latina! Get Over Here!
Jazmin Ortega of Chile
"Pelvic Massage Master"
Alexis Love of Peru
"Mail Order Bride"
Lorena Sanchez of Mexico
"Flower Maiden In Distress"
Traveling all over South America takes its toll on you after awhile so while in Chile we decided to stop in a Chinese massage parlor to see if the lovely ladies there could help us out and...
We just dropped the lovely Sativa off at the airport and were waiting for my cousins parents to show up when the asshole starts whining about going to get some food before they get here...
Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner we have the Lorena “The Beautiful, Bootylicisous, Bubble-Butt Bomber” vs. “The Latina Banging Terminator”. Who will come out on top? Well it depends on...
Monica Mattos of Brazil
"En Mi Culo"
Naomi Russell of Argentina
"CULO Like Whoa!"
Karen Salazar of Colombia
"Karen Christens the Crib"
Back in Brazil hunting for that perfect South American Babe! Side burns was our translator and he brought along his friend a supposed tattoo artist who is going to do some work on her...
I'd like to start off this episode with a lyric from one of my favorite songs. Its quite deep and always makes me think that the world is ok… “Big booty hoes hop wit it!” from my home town boys ...
So my friend Joe the Gringo and I came up with a plan to get some nice single ladies to come over to our new apartment; we put an ad in the paper for a really nice cheap apartment. We got a...
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