Join me and my boy Butders on our journey to find the hottest
latinas in South America! We won't stop til we find'em all!!
::. OYELOCA .::
Sofia  in  "Sofia Goes For A Ride"
Primo and I are back and this time we took a trip down to La Paz, Bolivia . It's a beautiful place nestled between Mother Nature's tits… or mountains . We very quickly encountered a sexy local Mami named Sofia . She was on the phone and walked over and said hello. We love when girls make the first move; it's so much easier after that. Making contact is half the battle. So we talked a bit and we told her just got to Bolivia from Colombia and had no place to stay. She offered us a place to stay and we would never turn and cute little brunette down. So we were on the way back and before Primo was all the way through the door she threw him up against the wall and started making out. The Bolivians are a very aggressive bunch. Sofia loved to fuck and you could see the desire in her face… and when we were done you could see the cum on her face too!
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