JULIANA in "Juliana The Loca"
So we are back in Colombia again . My cousin Giovanni picked me up to show me around Colombia, a little and hopefully find us a sexy Latina to penetrate . His English isn't too good so I had to translate as much as I could and speak slowly when speaking English. Haha Giovanni speaks English with a thick Asian accent! One of the funniest things I've ever heard. His mission was to expose us to a real deal Loca Latina that loves to fuck .
That didn't take too long...

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What the hell does OyeLoca mean?
"OYE LOCA, VEN PA'CA!" Now I know most of you are saying "WTF did you just say and WTF are you?" Well allow myself to introduce... myself: I'm T-Bone the mastermind behind all these crazy fuck fests. Now for your other question. "OYE LOCA, VEN PA'CA!" means "Yo crazy girl, come here." Living here in Miami I've witnessed first hand just how amazingly hot these ladies nice curvy bodies and round asses can be and just how crazy they are willing to get in bed. So me and my boy Mikey Butders decided to go on this journey ; no pilgrimage, to find every crazy latina we possibly can, pick them up right on the street, and give them the old "Stud Vicious treatment" ... and we won't stop til I get 'em all!