I wrote Coach Chibbles a Valentines Day card which told him to meet me in the locker room at 2. He showed up and we start fooling around. I started to suck him off and the janitor walked in. He was going to tell and I couldn’t lose my scholarship so I pulled him over and pulled his overalls off. I didn’t think I would be sucking 2 cocks but life can be funny that way. This went from good to great to bad to AMAZING! I’ll never forget this Valentines Day.
Me and my friends had a pretty wild party over the weekend and I think word got out. I was called into the office and basically had to answer for all the shit we did. I hate getting grounded but I love getting fucked so I made Mr. Fitzergood forget the whole thing by letting him bury his cock deep in my pussy!
I had to meet Mr. Pokerpoon at his house to pick up some homework but when I got inside I kinda forgot all about that because I saw his Harley. Guys on Harleys are so hot! I asked for a lesson and I jumped on. He was sitting behind me and I could feel his cock on my ass. He was really hard so I bounced my ass up and down for a bit. Then my uniform came off and his tongue was in my pussy!
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