I was sitting was in my office on the phone with my friend and I thought the door was closed and I was alone but Kendra was at the door and heard the whole conversation. It was basically me just confessing all the things I've done here at Innocent High. Well I left the room and she snuck in and found everything. Now I'm have to keep her happy and her mouth shut. Which isn't too bad of a job!
Amber Kane
Denice Dark
Kortni Kiss
Mackenzie Childs
Jazlin Diaz
Mackenzee Pierce is always finding an excuse to come into my office and ask me for something. This time I told her to leave until she had something real to ask me. When she walked out I saw a “fuck me” sign on her back. I brought her back in and told her she can't let kids do that to her and she needs to stand up for her self and go for her goals. She thanked me by showing me her tight teen pussy and giving me a taste!

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