Alexia Rey- " Homecoming Fiasco "
Alexia is a busty hottie that was running for homecoming Queen and won but after further review of her grades I had to strip her of her crown and give it to the runner up. This didn't make her happy and she let me know about it. Since she was the first person I told after I found out she decided to help me forget the whole thing by flashing some big tits in my face and riding me like a rodeo! [ check out her full profile here ]
Penny Flame - " National Skip Day "
Penny is a senior that was trying to sneak out on National Skip Day. Why even come to class on that day? She was caught in her car in the parkinglot. She said she was just getting something from her car but you don’t need to turn your car on and put it in reverse to open the doors. She was busted but she decided to make me bust so I’d let her walk out unpunished… good plan! [ check out her full profile here ]

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