Ashley & Rucca :: Ms. Swallows Lends A Hand. Ashley came home from school and started taking a shower when Ms. Swallows showed up. She came over to talk to Ashley about sex. Ms. Swallows knocked on the door and no one answered but she heard someone inside and decided to check. The door was open and she went upstairs but couldn't help but watch her in the shower. Then she waited in Ashley's and taught her everything she needed to know about sex!
Paulina James :: Sex Lies and Hidden VideoTape Paulina baby sits my kids sometimes. I've never had a complaint from my kids until a couple weeks ago when my kids said that she was putting them to sleep early and hearing loud noises from the living room. So I put a hidden camera in the living and caught her and her boyfriend fucking on my couch! I threatened to give the tape to her parents unless she gave me a recap of that night. She did so I gave it to her but kept a copy for myself.

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