Fundraiser time is here and that means I have to flirt with guys to get more money. I asked Coach Chibbles if he wanted to buy some tickets and he bought $100 worth. So when I come to wash his car the next day I only find a bike. I ask him about it and he confesses; he thought I would fuck him for the money. Well my trip was paid for by him so I owed him. I sucked him and fucked him in the locker room!
Adriana Nevaeh
Condoms, Shmondoms
Added: Jan 15, 2008
Barbie Love
I Ain’t Got No Panties On
Added: Apr 30, 2007
Cassie Young
On The Run
Added: Oct 9, 2006
Jaclyn Case
Sextra Credit
Added: Jun 1, 2007
Dakoda Brooks
New Years Resolution
Added: January 8, 2008