While I was changing Coach Chibbles walked into the locker room and told us to hurry up before we missed the bus but I could tell he just wanted to sneak a peak. I remembered I left my stuff in his office so I went to grab it but he was in there jerking off to me. He found a video of me online. I spilled the beans and he wanted an audition to keep quiet!
I fell asleep during and class and when I woke up the sub Mr. Lickerbum was looking through my pictures. He saw some pretty erotic pics of my and threatened to tell my parent’s until I stopped him by stripping down and getting his cock in my mouth. He quickly forgot why he was mad and when I pulled my panties down The look on his face meant I wasn’t getting in trouble the rest of the year! Click below and get to know me better! I got my full profile plus whole photo and video set!