Tanner Mayes - "I messed up my own joke"
My good friend Dick really came through this week and found us a perfect 10 by the name of Tanner Mayes. She'sa petite little brunette with an angels smile and an adorable personality thats fresh out of high school.She's from Michigan and started her business admin program in college before she put that on hold to persue to make some money. She starts off a little shy giving us short answers but she really starts to warm up to Dick and the two really hit it off to the point where he asks her to take off her top and she didn't even flinch. This girl is becoming my need addicition. I just can't get enough of her. I dare anyone to watch her video and not fall in love with her when she completely messes up a simple joke and looks up with those puppy dog eyes or when she's describing her puffy nipples in detail. Damn, this was definitely a great update!
Anna Stevens - "I'm just trying to pay for school"
Dick's back with a new girl he met this week and she's a keeper folks. This girl is from Oregon and not only is she hella fucking cute with her glasses and innocence but she's also really really smart and going to law school at a very prestigious school on the east coast. Imagine that; a girl that can fuck like a nympho and make more money then you, she's definitely a catch. Her names Anna Stevens as you can see she's a tall blonde cutie with glasses and a great pair of long legs! After talking to her a bit we figured she wasn't just a pretty face but she also had a brain. She was doing this video to help pay for school and thats always the best excuse because it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside... after we cum. But the funniest part is this genius couldn't even spell genius LOL but hey no ones right 100% so she got a passing grade because she took a facial like a champ!