Back again and as always Donny introduces us to a new friend of his. A cute little blonde with an innocent face, nice perky tits and a round ass by the name of Shayne Ryder. She's a shy little one that he really had to get to know before the fun started. She comes to us all the way from New Jersey where shes in school to become an elementary school teacher. A school teacher showing off the goods... the fantasy doesn't get much better then that folks. We asked her what her boyfriend thought about her adventurous jump to the adult business and it seems he wasn't too happy but a girl does what she has to and she thinks she made a smart choice and we aren't arguing with her. She's a genuine good girl but she just really likes dick too which you can tell from the second she see's Donny's. And as the good interviewer he is he left her with a load to take home to New Jersey.
If you like big titted teens then you are going to love the girl Joe found for us this week. Her names
Kitty Bella. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She has long dark hair, a great smile, mouth watering
tits and a cute booty. From the jump you could tell she wasn't the smartest girl we've ever shot but she
was for sure one of the hottest so she gets extra points for that! She goes to school at Cal State and
loves to party. She's loves getting naughty with boys and girl and that's like the hottest thing for a
guy to hear. We got her upstairs to my room and she showed off her tattoos which also helped get
the clothes off faster. When she finally lost the top we almost lost our minds. Her tits were so soft
and Joe was quick to try to titty fuck her. Could you blame him?

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